Runaway Girl

from by Wrinkles



I’ve seen you here now once before
Last time you we’re covered in snow
Trying to brush the cold
Thoughts all overgrown

We left a trail of splintered wood
I knew right then you were no good
Hidden in the cold
Blankets lined with wool

Now you run to the Evermore
It’s something that I’ll never know
And all eyes turned towards the stage
Who is there to blame?

Gazing off to the skies between
Words on branches, covered and green
And your face it never changed
When the Owl called your name

I’ve seen you here now once before
Last time you were knockin on my door
And in some ways you wanted to be gone
But those tears still came they couldn’t heal your scars

Placed for you in drops of rain
This roof still can’t cover your pain
And our heads turned down in shame
When the owl called your name

With your last breath you were so unsure
What happens next I won’t pretend to know
I’m Crawling back between
A fury and a dream

Each step, is a thought, is a memory
And even though it wasn’t love
I’m crawling back between
A fury and dream


from Separation Anxiety, released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Wrinkles Missoula, montana

Wrinkles is a band birthed in the glorious state of Montana. They blend synth driven rhythms with strong melodies to create a youthful, dance-able, rock sound.


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