Chipped Paint

from by Wrinkles



Tell me something sweet, I’ll tell you what you want to hear
I know it doesn’t matter but we’re supposed to lend an ear
So throw something at me and we’ll see what it makes of you
The waves reflect what you neglect

Despite what you think, your words keep on killing me
Despite the way they sink, there’s still some thrill in me
They’ve all got their pieces just waiting for a chance to speak
As the shadows show what you behold

You think you’re talking simple but you’re not deceiving me
Cut up with daggers – it’s the state in which you’re leaving me
You’re sitting on the surface and I can’t tread anymore
You’d leave me behind with no worries in mind

It rots deep inside and I still can’t let it go
We talk and talk in circles and I can tell it doesn’t show
How could you notice if you keep on brushing by
Ill step aside for you this time though

And I’m sure
You won’t be looking hear no more
Chipped paint lies on the floor
Just idle by, just idle by

In this show
You have been waging this old war
And your steps lead out the door
This time I let you go, oh I let you

Question what you think, you’ll find that it’s not right this time
These pictures in my sleep bring my feet to another line
And as the clouds disperse, I finally remember how,
the air in felt with an ocean swell

As the breeze is floating I can feel the rays from the coast,
Staring right my way it’s a man in an undertow
He’s yelling at his shadows and he’s sinking into the sand,
where will he go…Oh No!


from Separation Anxiety, released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Wrinkles Missoula, montana

Wrinkles is a band birthed in the glorious state of Montana. They blend synth driven rhythms with strong melodies to create a youthful, dance-able, rock sound.


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